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About Us

Here at Team Holy Spirit we feel called to challenge ourselves and challenge others to speak up for God and Jesus wherever we can.  Reminding people that they are not alone and that there is a better way is our mission.

Join us in being servants of the Holy Spirit as we allow him to use us as megaphones and billboards for his divine plan.  It is in the service of the Spirit that we experience joy and communion here on earth.  It is our responsibility to share the Truth whenever and wherever we can. There is hope in Spirit-filled life.

We LOVE creating inspirational products that makes a difference. We strive to listen to Spirit and do as He directs.

Join us!  Inspire and be inspired.  Challenge and be challenged.  Lets be louder than the enemy.  Lets shout Gods name, Jesus' name and the message of hope, love and peace from the rooftops.  We know all things are possible through Christ.  Lets take the public square back for him.

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